Dress Code/Uniform

Uniform colors: Preferred shirt colors are navy blue, light blue, white and light yellow. Students may wear any solid color, polo style shirt. Choice of bottom colors will be navy blue and khaki.

Uniform styles (Girls): Cotton only jumpers, pleated skirts, skorts, capris, straight leg pants or shorts.

Uniform Styles (Boys): Cotton only shorts or straight leg pants.


  • Sneakers are required daily with non-patterned mid-calf or ankle socks. Socks must be white, navy blue or black.
  • Belts on all shorts and pants that have loops (Black, blue, white or brown preferred) Canvas belts are available in our school store.
  • Shorts and pants fastened at waist.
  • Shorts and skirt must be least fingertip length – uniform shorts only.
  • Shirts must be solid in color (no stripes or logos), collared and tucked in.
  • Sunscreen and caps suggested for P.E. Sneakers are required.
  • On cold weather days, leggings in a solid color may be worn.
  • School issued spirit shirts may be worn on Friday only.

Sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters must be in a solid color. No logos, stripes or other designs. Uniform shirts and sweatshirts with the school logo will be available at our school store.


  • Jeans, denim, corduroy, carpenter, yoga pants or sweatpants
  • Leggings worn under skirts that are not appropriate length
  • Colored, striped, neon or patterned knee high socks
  • Cargo shorts and pants
  • Pant legs that hang below shoes
  • Shorts designed to be worn below the knee
  • Bell Bottom pants
  • Sandals, platform shoes, flip-flops, open back shoes, shoes with moving parts, or crocs
  • Scarf belts – unless it comes with the uniform
  • Spandex or nylon fabric
  • Make-up, hair color, hair chalk
  • Tattoos
  • Any article of clothing/jewelry/hair color that may cause injury or deemed a distraction to the educational process such as chains, belts, bracelets, earrings, chokers, wallet chains and all items hanging from belt loops
  • Hats, wide headbands, headbands with large bows, bandanas, caps or headgear are prohibited except for P.E., field days or outdoor activities.