Media Center

Hello Lee County Families,
The steps below will allow you to review media materials that are available to be checked out at your child’s school. It will also provide your child’s check out history.

In order to access this information, you will need to log into each child’s Launchpad account.
Below are the steps to access Follett Destiny through Launchpad.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Use your child’s username and password (If unknown, contact your child’s school.)
Step 3: Click on Instructional Apps
Step 4: Click Follett Destiny (physical books) or OverDrive (digital books)
Step 5: Inside of Destiny, click on My Stuff
Step 6: Click on Checkouts for current materials your child has checkout of the media center
Step 7: Click on History for a list of all materials your child has previously checked out
Step 8: To search any book in your child’s school, use the search feature located in the upper right-hand side

If you would like to place an alert on your child’s Destiny account, identifying any book as
prohibited from media check out, please contact your child’s school.

To see a list of any materials that have previously been challenged and/or to view or access the Challenge to Instructional and/or Media Form, visit the following website: Challenge to
Instructional Media Committ

You may also access Destiny from a personal computer without logging into LaunchPad. Please use the following information for access:


Username: 0762search

Password: search762


Thank You

The School District of Lee County